Tom 5 Nr 4 (2010)

Komunizm: Czas na post mortem?

Zygmunt Bauman


Communism: Time for Post mortem?

This paper is devoted to the deliberations on the vision of communist society as the phase of modernity. Author argues that the modern communism was nothing more than dusted off set of ideas inapplicable to the current circumstances. But there is something more important than disparagement of communism in itself. In critical analysis of modernity as some kind of „response to ineffi ciency of ancien régime” the author presents evidence to social reforms bounded up with the appearance of capitalism. Modernity in Bauman’s paper is presented as an inevitable confrontation between Marxist prophesy about revolution of the proletariat and socio-political aspects of capitalist order which undermined theoretical principles of socialism and its strategy. Despite the critical commentaries on the communist regime, author ponders on the substantial promise of communism in itself, which realized its potential in the past and in the globalized world is one of the most significant aspects to discussion and the crux of the contemporary reflection.