Tom 5 Nr 4 (2010)

Ideologia w kontekście marksizmu. Teoria społeczna Karola Marksa i Louisa Althussera

Michał Łukowski


Ideology in Context of Marxism. Social Theory of Karl Marx and Louis Althusser

The article reflects on ideology in the context of Marxists philosophy. The text comprises of an introduction and two parts, which in sequence discuss the views of Karl Marx and Louis Althusserl. At the beginning there is a short summary of all classical views on ideology. The section on Marx includes an overview of Marx’s philosophy and a complete examination of his social theory. The second part contains an interesting concept of ideology, written by Althusserl. His original and innovative interpretation of the subject radically changes it’s meaning. The Philosopher’s exact analysis shows how problematic the theme is. Curious and revealing conclusions make the text interesting. In the fi nal part of the article the author asks about the possibility of criticizing an ideological concept. He tries to answer the principal question: Do we have the right to criticize ideology? He also suggests a solution – a tool constructed by the Lacanian Psychoanalysis School.