Tom 30 (2021)

W poszukiwaniu wzorców partycypacji w deliberacji publicznej. Badanie uczestników i uczestniczek I Wrocławskiego Panelu Obywatelskiego

Strony: 7-19



The purpose of this article is to present and analyze individual interviews conducted with the participants of the Citizens’ Assembly in Wrocław in order to identify the main motivations behind their will to participate, as well as what participatory strategies they are likely to adapt. The article is situated between empirical and political analysis, theory of participation, and political psychology. This way we are able to identify seven attitudes presented by participants in three areas: understanding of interests, democracy, and political process. These attitudes differ, the consensual approach being the one we identify as the most desirable for public deliberation, and particular ones — the so-called free-riders — the main challenge that needs to be addressed.