Tom 30 (2021)

Profesjonalizm dziennikarski polskich tygodników opinii w nagłośnieniu sprawy Władimira Putina

Strony: 157-171



In 2018, another presidential election campaign took place in Russia, which was covered widely all over the world. The journalists’ interest was particularly focused on the figure of Vladimir Putin — an influential politician who arouses a lot of emotions and controversy in the political debate. With such a sensitive topic, the question of journalistic professionalism arises. Therefore, it is worth investigating how issues connected to Putin were addressed on the pages of Polish opinion weekly magazines — one of the most significant sectors of the printed media in Poland. The main research hypothesis was as follows: opinion weekly magazines with a centrist ideological profile demonstrate the highest level of journalistic professionalism in the coverage of Putin. In order to verify the hypothesis, the content of the following magazines was analyzed: Do Rzeczy, Gazeta Polska, Sieci, Tygodnik Powszechny, Newsweek, Wprost, Polityka and Przegląd. Only materials published between 1 October 2017 and 31 March 2018 were selected for the research. Th is article focuses on such aspects of journalistic professionalism as: the use of journalistic sources, objectivity, factuality, journalistic style. Attributes “assigned” by journalists to the President of Russia were also analyzed. The research did not confirm the original hypothesis, as right-wing and centrist magazines were characterized by a similar approach, which was different from that of left-wing ones.