Konflikt polityczny: interdyscyplinarny i wielopłaszczyznowy przedmiot badań

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1643-0328.22.1
Leszek Sobkowiak
Google Scholar Leszek Sobkowiak


Political conflict: interdisciplinary and multi-faceted subject matter

Categories and theories that describe and explain conflicts and their properties, which derive from soci­ology, psychology and political science, use different levels of social-political reality: from meta-theories for example functional and coercive to theories concerning psychological processes. The aim of social sciences is to study political conflict in the following perspectives: social systems featured by unequal access to valued symbolic and material goods; cognitive, emotional and motivational processes of people partici­pating in conflicts; patterns and actual behaviors in conflict situations; mechanisms of conflict dynamics — cause-and-effect relationships that determine phases of conflict development; functions of conflicts, their creative and destructive effects on individuals, groups, societies and global society; integrative methods of conflict-solving as an element of positive sum game strategy; and at last, shaping the institutions of social systems capable of „civilizing” conflicts through limitation of their destructive sources, methods and effects.

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