Archiwum Telewizji Łódzkiej — na skrzyżowaniu kultury, techniki i komunikacji

Adam Barczyk
Google Scholar Adam Barczyk


An archive of TVP Łódź — between culture, technology and communication

One of the manifestations of the cultural activities of media are functioning in their structures archives. TVP Łódź has formalized archive since the early 90s of the twentieth century. Previously the television collected film stocks, but this activity was not organized on a larger scale. Archive collects programmes prepared by journalists. The oldest recording comes from 1926.
The functioning of the archive is greatly linked with the technique — both by collecting and cataloging materials, as well as by changes of carriers especially important are their weight and capacity. These changes also influence the communication with the customer — the Internet and social networking sites have enabled archival materials experiencing of “second youth,” thereby improving the image of Polish Television.

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