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Kontekst analityczny

Tom 9 (2018): Metodologie i praktyki badawcze

Randki w sieci, czyli flirt w objęciach konsumpcjonizmu

  • Mateusz Komander
17 kwietnia 2019


Online dating or flirt in the embrace of consumerism

The article is about interpersonal relations established by dating sites users. The analysis is about the rules of using these types of websites, as well as the rules of developing virtual relations. It is mainly an attempt to decide whether consumerism is already present in such intimate spheres of human life as feelings, intimate relations or sexual life. In the era of capitalism, each of the spheres of modern human life has been changed. It is noticeable in the most private, intimate areas. The question is whether interpersonal relationships on dating websites are based on emotions, feelings or the transactional principle of multiplying goods. There is also a significant paradox of dating sites — on the one hand internet users are people who are looking for love, emotions, on the other, they are consumers.