• Konstrukcja komunikacji w reklamach leków i suplementów diety

Konstrukcja komunikacji w reklamach leków i suplementów diety

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2082-8322.9.8
Arkadiusz Haławin
Google Scholar Arkadiusz Haławin


The construction of communication in the advertising of medicines and dietary supplements


The article is focused on the issue of communication constructs that are most often used in advertising of medicines and dietary supplements. Medical companies spend more and more money on advertising their products, which causes an increase in sales of pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals. A variety of manipulative techniques and social influence are used in advertising. Increasingly we can see repetitive communication strategies and language constructs, which are based on such ads. The pharmaceutical sector is one of the top advertisers in terms of spending on promotion — it invariably remains in the second position. More money is spent only by the sector of food and beverages.

The most often used strategies focus primarily on showing discomfort and overcoming problems as an important part of a happy end. Based on simple scenarios, patterns, and slogans, which are characterized by uncomplitated message and strong visibility of the product. Strong emotional components are an important element, for example showing a happy family or sad children. What persuasive communication is like can also be affected through emphasis on speed, efficiency and length of action. This element is probably very important for each potential recipient of the product.

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