Kategoria ‘miasto’ jako wyznacznik technik pracy reportera

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2082-8322.9.12
Igor Borkowski
Google Scholar Igor Borkowski


The category of the ‘city’ as a determinant of techniques used by reporters in their work


The perspective of the city understood as a unique conglomerate of points of view, emotions, experiences and predictions as well as sender-receiver roles is very interesting and significant in the context of reporters’ work. First of all, the city as an urban, spatial category teaches reporters a very instructive lesson in terms of putting their protagonists, sources of information, stories in a physically existing and physically limited space. The article features an analysis of examples of journalists’ actions and their textual effects in search of the city as an important category in constructing the world in non-fiction. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the perspective and value of the category of the city in numerous and varied reporters’ writings. It combines people and places, cultures, articulation, customs, emotions and values overlapping with a physical space. Numerous lessons of this type of reporters’ work can be found in the history of both Polish and international reportage.

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