Tom 139 (2014)

Interkulturelle Merkmale von Fernsehnachrichten

Łukasz Kopacz
Zdzisław Wawrzyniak

Strony: 153 - 163



The intercultural features of television news

Television news from different countries bear resemblance to each other in terms of style, syntax and lexis applied. This paper attempts to address the most striking intercultural features of the language of television news exploring various extracts from German and British news channels and provialing Polish equivalents.

Zasady cytowania

Fus, A. ., Kopacz, Łukasz, & Wawrzyniak, Z. (2014). Interkulturelle Merkmale von Fernsehnachrichten. Germanica Wratislaviensia, 139, 153–163. Pobrano z https://wuwr.pl/gwr/article/view/2191