• Postmodernizm naprawdę dla dzieci. O metafikcji w książkach obrazkowych

Postmodernizm naprawdę dla dzieci. O metafikcji w książkach obrazkowych

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0867-7441.25.21
Jerzy Szyłak
Google Scholar Jerzy Szyłak


The text is an attempt to present what a postmodern picture book for children is. The main thesis indicates the tendency to break the traditional discourse, inscribed in children’s books. Ear-lier it was used mainly in parodies of this type of literature. Authors such as Edward Gorey, Ruth Krauss, and Maurice Sendak, may be considered precursors of post-modern picture books. Contem-porary artists using similar poetics are Raymond Briggs, Chris Van Allsburg, David Wiesner, and Jon Scieszka. Their characteristic features of narration are references to other works, the strategy of unmasking the fictionality of the message and the idea of revealing the materiality of the book. The issue of metafiction came to the fore in theoretical considerations about post-modern picture books from 2018. This kind of academic research can be considered as a manifestation of a broader tendency to constitute a new relationship between the recipient and the text of culture, excluding the naive reception of the reader.

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