Tom 17 (2011)

Wróg u bram: literatura popularna — oznaka kryzysu czy efekt globalizacji?

Jakub Z. Lichański

Strony: 113 - 126



Enemy at the Gates: Popular literature — mark of the crisis or the effect of globalization?


This article aims to show the popular literature in two perspectives first will be discussed how to define the concept of the popular literature.The first perspective nominate the globalization and the literature is simply his symptom; the second nominate such a prospect the perception of a culture in which literature can be seen only as manifestation of severe crisis in modern culture there will be inevitable critical look at contemporary concepts of culture. The thesis, which I will try to defend, is this: that, which combines both the crisis and globalization seen as inevitable processes harasses the modern world, is the popular literature. It disseminates both cultural patterns and responds to the needs and dreams of many people. But the popular literature will be construct a vision of the world, which seems to be extremely simplified and, worse, this vision requires a very large group of people. At the same time — reading is an indelible part of the modern world. However, its continued existence may jeopardize the viability of human rights or the intellectual condition of humankind. These arguments will be documented reference to examples, which are: Dan Brown, Nora Roberts, and a series of novels devoted to Honor Harrington and possibly their Polish counterparts.