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Tom 32 (2021)

Zur Aussprache niederländischsprachiger Familiennamen aus dem Bereich des Sports durch polnische Muttersprachler – theoretische Grundlagen und exemplarische Analysen

15 sierpnia 2021


The aim of the following article is to analyze the pronunciation of Dutch surnames by Polish native speakers. The research material consists of journalistic statements from the communicative-semantic area of sport that are present in public audiovisual mass media. The selected material guarantees the high frequency of its production and the associated perception within the real acts of communication. In particular, the examination includes Dutch sounds which either do not exist in Polish or occur in a different graphical-distributional context. The exemplary research results (the mode of phonetic integration of foreign speech sounds) represent mechanisms that are interpreted in relation to typical communication models. The study also analyzes the potential placement of such phonetic forms in the target language, i.e. Polish.