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Tom 33 (2022)

Mijn herinneringen aan Professor Ludwik Zabrocki (1907–1977)

27 lipca 2022


Professor Ludwik Zabrocki (1907–1977), an eminent Polish linguist, was an inspiration in linguistic research on Germanic languages for a young scholar from Wrocław. At the end of the 50’s of the 20th century, Norbert Morciniec took part in scientific meetings in Poznań, where Zabrocki had worked on a holistic approach of Polish research on Germanic languages. The young MA then started to develop studies on the Dutch language. That resulted in establishing a language course, then a specialisation of Dutch within the Germanic studies. New books about Dutch language and literature were written, a scientific journal was established, finally an autonomous Chair for Dutch at the University of Wrocław was created. Today this Chair employs numerous researchers who have further developed the Dutch studies and who are educating numerous students in this field. The text ends with a wish to the pupils of the author, today themselves professors: that they, too, do open new horizons for their pupils.