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Tom 33 (2022)

Hoe God aanwezig is in het werk van Maarten ’t Hart

Hans Beelen

Strony: 183-186

PDF (Nederlands)


Maarten ’t Hart is widely regarded as the prototypical Dutch author who has left his Orthodox Reformed background behind. Yet religion is present throughout his work. In her dissertation Religion im Werk von Maarten ’t Hart (2022), German theologian Christina Bickel describes the playful manners in which ’t Hart deals with religion as an inspiring way to open the mind of modern man to transcedental reflections. Her interdisciplinary approach combining literary analysis, theological hermeneutics and homiletics, offers a surprising example of the reception of a Dutch author within a foreign cultural context.

Zasady cytowania

Beelen, H. (2022). Hoe God aanwezig is in het werk van Maarten ’t Hart. Neerlandica Wratislaviensia, 33, 183–186.