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Tom 25 (2015)

Vlaamse literatuur in vertaling in Centraal-Europa tot WO I

  • Wilken Engelbrecht
10 marca 2016


In this paper a concise overview of the reception of Dutch literature in Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Czech until the end of World War I is given. The first translations are from 1805 Polish, and 1846 Czech respectively. At present, some 175 translations from this period have been found, most of them in Czech and the fewest in Slovak. From publications of literary history the idea arises that especially Flemish literature has been received in Central Europe for political reasons. The researchers point towards the Belgian Revolution of 1830 which was, in contrast to most other revolts from this period, successful. Moreover, the Flemish struggle for the use of Dutch language in Flanders showed similarities with similar issues in Central Europe. A closer look reveals, however, that these ideas have to be modified. The results of the study are sometimes surprising.