Ciekawość Witolda, lęk Olwida — relacje z frontu zachodniego Witolda Hulewicza

Martyna Pędzisz
Google Scholar Martyna Pędzisz


The article examines the war poetry and letters of Witold Hulewicz, who was aprominent figure in Polish culture. Drawing mainly on the examples published in Kurier Poznański, Dziennik Poznański and Zdrój, Ianalyse the ways in which the author struggles with the experience of war. This paper addresses also the question of how the same reality of war is described by ayoung soldier in letters to his beloved mother and how it is done by apoet, taking his first steps toward aliterary career. How does Witold/Olwid describe the landscapes of war-torn Belgium? Can his voice be considered the voice of an entire generation of young soldiers fighting on the Western Front during the Great War?

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