Strony redakcyjne

Tom 15 (2013)

Zaangażowanie i przyszłość w humanistyce nieantropocentrycznej

Michał Kasprzak

Strony: 93 - 102



Engagement and the future in non-anthropocentric humanities

The author of the article attempts to examine the distinctiveness of non-anthropocentric humanities as compared to the so-called engaged humanities. Although the values of posthumanism conform to the values of other studies into the voiceless, the non-anthropocentric thought is dominated by a different type of engagement, to which we refer as nurture. Despite the fact that this strand is by no means prognostic, the future is an essential element of its project. As I try to demonstrate, posthumanists intend not to set goals normatively, but to affirmatively look together for possible ways.
Given such a processual project — not focused on the figure of victim or on trauma, but positive — of striving for sustainable futures, the postulate of its local involvement seems to be indispensable. That is why I raise the question of academic standards of practising posthumanities in Poland. In the article I present briefly several selected positive examples of Polish non-anthropocentric reflection.