Strony redakcyjne

Tom 15 (2013)

Dynamiczny model kultury futuryzmu ukraińskiego: „przyszłość teraźniejszości” w manifestografi i Mychajla Semenki

Zoriana Rybczyńska

Strony: 187 - 195



A dynamic model of culture of Ukrainian futurism: “the future of the present” in Mikhail Semenko’s manifestography

Drawing on contemporary reflections on time and temporality A. Assman, A. Huyssen, R. Koselleck, the author of the article analyses lively discussions about the past, the present and the future of Ukrainian culture that were taking place in the first few decades of the 20th century. Generally opposing cultural projects — national-positivist and modernist — focused on the future which was to be marked by a “national revival.” The author examines its vision as presented by the artistic avant-garde and, in greater detail, the dilemmas, proposals and solutions that can be found in theoretical statements and artistic output of Mikhail Semenko. She explores the inner tensions of the futurist programme as well as external factors preventing its implementation. Despite the failure of this artistic avant-garde of the past, it still proves to be interesting as a bold attempt to break with the casual continuity of the historical process, an attempt made in the sphere of art, but one that had far-reaching consequences, because it concerned, in fact, the temporal experience.