Strony redakcyjne

Tom 15 (2013)

Cyborg już nie działa. Kilka uwag o przyszłości kategorii „gender”

Strony: 221 - 235



The cyborg no longer works

Since according to T.S. Kuhn and P. Feyerabend, it is generally impossible to predict the future even of the most rationalised natural sciences, it is even more impossible for the humanities, which are idiographic by nature, to perform a prognostic function. Thus, assuming that the notion of impossibility can be graded, the idea of considering the future of culture should be abandoned straight after it has emerged.
However, predicting the future is invariably tempting and desired, and it is not surprising that such attempts are kept being made, attempts that usually consist in extrapolating existing phenomena and trends. In my paper I will, therefore, try to use a similar approach to gender or the concept and category of gender in culture.