Strony redakcyjne

Tom 17 (2015)

Przewodniki po życiu

Zbigniew Pasek

Strony: 197 - 207



Guides to the art of living

The article is an analysis of three selected books which could be treated as guides to the art of living. Analyzed materials come from three different backgrounds. The first of them represents the New Age point of view R. Oślizło, Jak żyć świadomie, the second — the Catholic perspective C. Mina, Sztuka życia. Jak osiągnąć szczęście and the third promotes the lifestyle of characters of TV series popular in Poland E. Bogusławska-Przybysz, Żyj tak, jak chcesz. Teraz albo nigdy. Serialowy poradnik życia.
In the analyzed books both common and convergent values and practices silver lining, concentrating on the present moment were found as well as different self-realization, the idea of life plan. These shared values show that the ideas of silver lining, personal growth, concentrating on the present moment are widely rooted in Polish culture. The culmination of analysis is the recognition of precursors of these common values, essentially the American New Thought Movement.