Strony redakcyjne

Tom 18 (2015)

Ontologia a aksjologia — co możemy zyskać, a co stracić, używając teorii aktora-sieci? Diagnoza wstępna

Strony: 65 - 79



Ontology and axiology — what can we gain and lose with the Actor-Network Theory?

This article aims to analyse the potential benefits and dangers posed by the use of the actor-network theory as a “tool box”. The Actor-Network Theory ANT makes us aware of the complexity of our society collective of humans and non-humans. From such viewpoint our society is understood as swarming with multitude of heterogeneous entities. The use of ANT enables a humanist philosopher to break free from the limitations of the so-called humanistic fundamentalism. This is a good starting point for the ontological analyses of heterogeneous collective. Regrettably, the “flat ontology”, as proposed in the framework of the ANT, makes it difficult to formulate proposals for a normative stance, it is especially difficult for those who adhere to the modern, humanistic ethos. This article is intended to identify the possible solutions to this dilemma.