Strony redakcyjne

Tom 18 (2015)

Dobre Słowo Latoura. Religia i odnowa zbiorowości

Strony: 199 - 204



The gospel of Bruno Latour. Religion and the restoration of community

In his essay Rejoicing: Or the Torments of Religious Speech Bruno Latour weighs the possibility of a restoration of religious speech in a world in which the indisputable framework for common action is the non-existence of God. He constructs his agnostic apologetics of religion in opposition to contemporary strategies of defense of religion — rationalization, derationalization, aestheticization and symbolic readings. According to Latour, religious speech in its essence is similar to amorous speech, whose purpose is to transform the interlocutors rather than communicate a statement. Religious threads, which appear also in the more recent book An Inquiry into Modes of Existence, constitute an important addition to Latour’s project.