Strony redakcyjne

Tom 22 Nr 1-2 (2018)

Choreografie antropocenu, czyli o materiach wprawiających w ruch

Strony: 113 - 128



Choreographies of the Anthropocene: Mobilising matter

A point of departure for the author is thesis proposed by T.J. LeCain, who studied anthropocentrism hidden in a very nucleus of debate about antropocene. One should, in his view, comprehend and analyse culture and technology as the part or the product of a matter. The “human age” initiated in the age of the industrial revolution driven with fossil fuels turns out to be an effect of transformations, of which coal is a chief perpetrator. The turn from anthropo- to carbocene let us examine factors which are the underlying reason for development of industrial-information society.
The very material factors retaining wide understanding of the term “matter”, which can also include the temperature or the gravity are called to the scene, and then embodied or set in motion by choreographers — Mette Ingvartsen, Agata Siniarska and Aleksandra Borys — who try to problematize in their works the issue of dispersed, material agency. In her text the author examines how the problems essential for anthropocene and carbocene debates are being choreographed.