Szkice krytyczne

Tom 22 Nr 1-2 (2018)

Podwójne dno struktur wiedzy

Strony: 219 - 229



The double bottom of knowledge structures

In the review article of Christoph Bonneuil’s and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz’s The Shock of Anthropocene I focus mainly on first two parts of the book out of three stressing their critical operations on existing structures of knowledge. On the first level, the critical work aims at widely spread commonsensical knowledge backed by propaganda, but on the more important, second level, it aims at dominating grand narrative of Anthropocene. The concepts of history / historical narrative and the man Anthropos are analyzed more thoroughly as they are fundamental for the Anthropocene grand narrative. The notion of “Capitalocene” as an alternative more politically reflexive and empirically accurate than “Anthropocene” is also shortly discussed at the end of the paper.