Ćwiczenia z krytyki

Tom 23 Nr 1 (2019)

Kultura i gospodarka z perspektywy gospodarki doświadczeń

Strony: 75 - 93



Culture and economy from the perspective of experience economy

As the humanities are increasingly turning to nature, things, posthumanism and the Anthropo­cene, fields considered typically as separate, or even contradictory, are being explored from perspec­tives that combine a number of different academic disciplines. However, there has been less interest in the territories stretching between culture and economy, let alone in approaching economic and cultural processes as closely interrelated. This is probably because humanistic turns have one thing in common: the rejection of anthropocentrism. On the other hand, it is difficult to consider culture and economy without acknowledging the pivotal role of agency, subjectification and resource avail­ability of human subjects. The ambition of the paper is to demonstrate that an approach that does this enables a new, different, more in-depth perspective on culture and economy.
The author analyses a number of cases where humanities-derived categories are used to describe economic processes, as well as to address the process of creating products based on cultural resour­ces, eminently exemplified by experience economy.