• Obserwuj, reaguj, odkrywaj. Permakultura przeciw agrologistyce

Obserwuj, reaguj, odkrywaj. Permakultura przeciw agrologistyce

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0860-6668.23.2-3.3
Anna Nacher
Google Scholar Anna Nacher


Watch, react, explore: Permaculture against agrologistics

In my article I aim at discovering how the potential of permaculture reaches out beyond the sustainable form of agricultural activity. I pay attention to the set of answers given to the current ecological crises, emphasizing the context-dependent, flexible and non-dogmatic ways of solving problems. Permaculture not only is a kind of practice aimed simultaneously at cultivating the land in a sustainable way and giving priority to creating an abundance of crops, but it also accounts for regenerative forestry, soil-making and agricultural practices maintaining the relationships with the older forms of inquiry, often inspired by indigenous knowledge. Therefore, I propose to outline the permacultural ethics and approach as a “mission without mission” and I set it against the modernist assumptions of what constitutes a socially progressive and environmentally sound activity.

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