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Tom 59 (2019)

Listy Jana Czeczota. Faktografia w manuskryptach

3 grudnia 2020


The goal of this study is a presentation of a recently discovered, unknown letter of Jan Czeczot from 1845 against a biographical and historical background. According to the fact that an evaluation of the sources, mainly manuscripts and range of their use in the available biographical works is still far from a monographic level, a more complex view on the Philomath’s figure must be postponed until the publication collecting the entity of the materials (Association — related, literary and epistolographical) of Filareci’s trial, his exile and patriotic activity after his return . The presented, even partial study, seems to reveal that Jan Czeczot stayed true to the Philomaths Association’s devotion to “national duties” and was not enshadowed by Adam Mickiewicz or Filareci’s legend of his times. We ought to see him more widely: he was one of the first important folklorist poets, the author of valuable ethnographic works, confirming the exceptional persistence of Filarets’ organisational bonds with his attitude.