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Tom 59 (2019)

Muzyczne nośniki pamięci kulturowej w poezji Jana Lechonia

3 grudnia 2020


Jan Lechoń was a poet who actively used memory motifs in his works. These threads were very often correlated with musical and sound themes. First, this article is an attempt to show how Lechoń constructed specific models of cultural memory, in which musical reminiscences played an important role. Secondly, the text shows a lot of evidence that the main method of building musical and literary dependencies that Lechoń used was the Musicality II specified by Andrzej Hejmej, consisting in treating music as an element of a larger topic. Music in Lechoń’s poetry is not always treated as a value in itself. The poet often treats music, e.g. the theme of a concert or playing an instrument, as a pretext to show other content, especially those that are important to Polish cultural memory.