• Sylwiczność „Tajnego dziennika“ Mirona Białoszewskiego

Sylwiczność „Tajnego dziennika“ Mirona Białoszewskiego

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0079-4767.59.5
Monika Mańka
Google Scholar Monika Mańka

Prace Literackie Tom 59 (2019)

Strony od 99 do 122


The article is an attempt to prove that Miron Białoszewski’s Secret Diary can be treated as a silva rerum, implementing its genre principles in drafting space, opening the text to the possibility of various content transformations and creative continuation. Open composition, illusiveness, hybridization and disintegration of literary ways of shaping the text, allows Białoszewski’s Secret Diary to be placed between what is literally institutionalized, subjected to the strategy of proper formation of artistic objects, and the sphere of autobiographical-documentary, paraliterary writing, drawing on the colloquial reality of language.

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