Tom 11 (2011)

Strategie konsumenckie Polaków wobec kryzysu zadłużeniowego

Piotr Zajączkowski

Strony: 69 - 78



Consumer strategies in Poland in the presence of global debt crisis

The purpose of this report is to describe how polish consumers adapt to unfavourable economic
considerations caused by the global debt crisis in the field of financial services and foodstuffs. The report makes an attempt to prove, that character of polish consumers behaviors, in the face of global debt crisis, are strictly connected with their social and financial position, and, what is more, economic activities of Poles during the debt crisis are highly differentiated. Abovementioned statements were supported with cited studies of polish researchers and statistical evidences derived from Central Statistical Office of Poland. Additionally, cited studies and statistical data were compared to each other, enabling their thorough analysis. Finally, it must be stressed, that polish consumers actions during the global debt crisis, on account of their differentiation and numerous interdependences, are worthy of name of consumer strategies.