Tom 16 (2014)

Kryteria konwergencji — dokąd zmierza Unia Europejska

Tadeusz Bednarski

Strony: 183 - 200



The convergence criteria — where is the EU project heading

The dynamics of changes in economic and social indic ators related to convergence criteria for selected Member States of the European Union is studied. Three groups of states are taken into account: states economically the strongest, southern members and the new ones, like Poland. Observance of convergence criteria for the old states of the EU is assessed and an estimation of time necessary for the new states to meet the criteria is given. An optimistic estimate of time necessary to achieve a relative economic homogeneity in the EU is 50 to 60 years. Economic and social indicators not included in the convergence criteria but essential for the economic dominance are also discussed.