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Tom 17 (2015)

Natura 2000 w polskim porządku prawnym w kontekście ochrony praw jednostki

  • Łukasz Stępkowski
10 grudnia 2015


Natura 2000 in the Polish legal system with regard to the protection of individual rights

Due to the lack of any possibility of judicial review of the creation of a Natura 2000 area under Polish law, the individual concerned finds oneself in the situation depicted by the ECHR in Andersson, which, in turn, has been noted by the academia and the Polish Ombudsman, to no legislative changes — which mirrors the thesis of the paper. As the law stands, an individual cannot at times pursue any legal remedy, compensation included. The author postulates to amend Article 129 of the Polish Law on the Protection of Environment to enable individuals to claim legal losses incurred because of a Natura 2000 area and to, in any event, allow full judicial review and compensation.