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Tom 19 (2016)

Inspektor nadzoru inwestorskiego jako uczestnik procesu budowlanego

  • Bartłomiej Jaworski
28 grudnia 2016


An inspector of investing supervision as a participant of the building process

In literature, it is difficult to find a complete analysis of the legal nature of the investor’s supervision. Following the trend of implementation of construction projects in Poland for ever greater complexity and our growing concern for the environment, proper analysis of the investor’s supervision institutions seems to be helpful for the legal establishment and implementation of this supervision. To get analyzed legal institution, should be thoroughly characterize the rights and obligations of the investor’s supervision inspector — an entity exercising supervisory functions implemented during the construction process. Look to be both that which gives him the Act — Construction Law representing about public character of performed duties, and also due to the contracticity of his supervision concluded between it and an investor of civil contracts, which can be modified to some extent his statutory supervisory functions. Investor’s supervision is an institution that requires legal interpretation, carried out with extreme accuracy, caused the undisputed role that can be attributed to the investor’s supervision inspector, to comply with the regulations and technical knowledge of the process of construction. Only her understanding of guarantees to avoid the negative consequences resulting from misapplication of the law in this regard.