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Tom 21 (2017)

Kadłubowe organy spółki kapitałowej wobec zasad reprezentacji osób prawnych

  • Jan Ciaptacz
4 października 2017


The relationship between corporate body without required number of members and general rules of representation of a legal entity

The point of this paper is to answer the question what are the consequences of representing the commercial company by a corporate body without the required number of members. The author analyses this problem considering the general rules of representation of Limited Liability Company and Joint-Stock Company. The Polish legal system does not contain clear regulation relating to consequences of acting in the name of the company without appropriate entitlement, that is why it is thought to be one of the most controversial problems in Polish corporation law. This paper contains critical analyses of different views formed in the doctrine and in the judicial practice and it is an attempt to solve the dilemma connected with companies’ relations with third parties, when the corporate body do not have the minimal required number of members.