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Artykuły naukowe

Tom 26 (2018): Człowiek, przedsiębiorstwo, gospodarka światowa. Wyzwania srebrnej gospodarki

Bariery w dostępie do informacji gospodarczej dla konsumenta-seniora

  • Ewa Całus
18 grudnia 2018


Barriers in access to commercial information for elder consumers

Seniors constitute a more and more numerous consumer group. A wide and varied market offer can improve seniors’ lives; however, on the other hand, the lack of proper information about the goods and services interesting for them poses a threat. Generally, seniors are not always self-aware consumers who are familiar with their rights and who can make use of them. Therefore, it is of vital importance to tackle issues connected with senior consumers’ limitations regarding the area of the usage of commercial information and dishonest practices applied by entrepreneurs in contract relationships with this group. The substantive article aims to outline the basic problems which are concerned with seniors’ access to economic information, starting with natural limitations resulting from age, such as limited motor capability, orientation in the provisions which are supposed to protect the weaker party of the transaction, familiarity with the complaint procedure, and ending with various issues connected with contracts concluded in atypical circumstances — outside the business premises and remotely. Moreover, the subjects which will be tackled are information ‘overload’ and co-existing informational ‘noise’, as well as digital divide, as components which additionally deteriorate the elderly consumer’s situation in relations with a professional. Simultaneously the propositions of solutions will be presented that are to level the occurrence of these negative phenomena.