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Artykuły naukowe

Tom 26 (2018): Człowiek, przedsiębiorstwo, gospodarka światowa. Wyzwania srebrnej gospodarki

Charakterystyka modeli zachowań konsumpcyjnych seniorów na rynku kultury

  • Małgorzata J. Januszewska
18 grudnia 2018


Characteristics of senior consumer behavior models on the culture market

The article raises the issue of elderly people’s behavior in a cultural goods and services market. Its purpose is to characterize these behaviors as well as organize them in a systematic way. This will serve to complement the research gap that can be observed in studies related to the cultural market. To achieve the indicated results, the analysis of secondary data was used. Analysis was used to determine the criteria for belonging to the group being researched and to determine the importance of the issues discussed. In further stages, this analysis was used to distinguish the most accurate, according to the author, taxonomies of consumers on the examined market. Then, non-targeted interviews and individual in-depth interviews were conducted, in order to confirm the usefulness of the application of a given systematic approach and to assign specific cultural behaviors to it. The result of the conducted research is explanation the mechanism of how the cultural need arises. This is an important element due to the frequent attempts to influence the demand on the market with price mechanisms by producers or management such as Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Next, based on the results of free-form interviews and analyzed typologies, a typology of consumer groups on the cultural market was created along with behavior typical for them.