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Artykuły naukowe

Tom 27 (2019)

Etyczne aspekty prowadzenia badań klinicznych na tle regulacji karnomaterialnych

  • Karolina Piech
23 kwietnia 2019


Ethical aspects of clinical trials in the context of criminal-law regulations

The article discusses the issue of rules of conducting clinical trials, both in criminal and ethical terms. The author presents successively the principles of conducting medical experiments, including research on medicinal products with the participation of people, especially focusing on the issue of risk that threatens the patient. Next, the ethical principles of conducting clinical trials, classified by international rank acts, are described. The author compares the content of two groups of norms, striving to answer the question of whether it is possible that such a state of affairs exists, in which a clinical trial would be legally accepted, but would not be characterized by the attribute of ethics.