• Dekoniunktura projektu europejskiego w ujęciu liberalnej teorii stosunków międzynarodowych

Dekoniunktura projektu europejskiego w ujęciu liberalnej teorii stosunków międzynarodowych

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/1643-0328.29.1
Artur Niedźwiecki
Google Scholar Artur Niedźwiecki


The article presents selected sources of crisis of the European integration process and the potential consequences of the collapse of unification tendencies in Europe. It elucidates the reasons for contesting projects of deepening cooperation within this supranational community, with particular emphasis on the problems affecting various areas of unification tendencies. The outcomes of undermining confidence in the liberal paradigm of world politics are debated, as well as the background of superficial imitation of the process of Europeanization, leading to the reconstruction of the former center-peripheral divisions. The consequences of democratic deficit phenomenon in the context of the collapse of legitimacy of the integration regime are also discussed. The work includes comments on the possible effects of decomposition tendencies in the area of civic rights, as well as the impact of disintegration in the sense of security in Europe. According to the author, the above phenomena may initialize a split in the Western world, leading to break in its political unity, and starting an era of fear and uncertainty as a prelude to the creation of a new order in the continent.

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