Relacje węgiersko-słowackie w kontekście węgierskiej mniejszości narodowej

Adam Starzyk
Google Scholar Adam Starzyk


Relations between Hungary and Slovakia in the context of Hungarian minority

This article is about one of the priority aim of the Hungarian foreign policy from 1989 to 2012 — the inter­est of the Hungarian minority, which caused the situation of sinusoidal relations with Slovakia in almost 20 years. In one hand we had policy of the Victor Orban’s government, targeted iaon the minority issue, and in the other hand, we had twice Slovak cabinet with party/parties wanted to limited the laws of the minorities. This problem shows us how one part of the policy can involve affect on the relations between countries. This is also a good base for interpret contemporary relations between Bratislava and Budapest, also in the context of cooperation with the Visegrad Group.

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