• O wielogatunkowości filmów pełnometrażowych Jana Švankmajera

O wielogatunkowości filmów pełnometrażowych Jana Švankmajera

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0867-7441.24.2
Marta Maciejewska
Google Scholar Marta Maciejewska


On genre-crossing in Jan Švankmajer’s feature films

Jan Švankmajer, a Czech film director and artist is known mostly for his short animated films. In 1994, however, a change in his filmmaking career took place — he devoted himself to working only on feature films. This change of medium is connected both to the length of these films, and using language, narration and genre features typical of feature films. What is important, Švankmajer does not adjust his artistic visions to all the directives of a certain genre. Rather, the director chooses some elements of these genres, and creates new, hybrid qualities. Genres that have the biggest impact on his feature films are: horror, comedy, and speculative fiction.

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