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Tom 58 (2018)

Między studium a punctum. Spotkania ze sztuką w poetyckiej twórczości Stanisława Ledóchowskiego

29 kwietnia 2020


This article discusses ekphrases of the poet, sculptor, stage designer, and art critic Stanisław Ledóchowski, which were published in 2013 in his volume of poetry Liście od Krakowa and in several bibliophile editions of his individual works. The discussion concerns poems dealing with three forms of art: architecture, sculpture, and painting. Poetic interpretations of works of art were placed in the context of the terms studium and punctum introduced by Roland Barthes to describe the method of finding meaning in art on two levels. The studium concerns generally available cultural context, while the punctum is an often-in-timate encounter of the viewer with an artistic work, which not only reveals the specific aesthetic awareness of the poet but also his individual sensitivity.