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Tom 67 (2023)

Post-war Polish scholarship on the history and theory of library science

Strony: 257-281

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The author of the paper explores the development of the concept of Polish post-war library science as an academic discipline and demonstrates the wealth of achievement in librarianship studies. Theoretical reflections on and the ongoing discussion about the scope of library science provide a background for the presentation of practical solutions applied in the work of libraries. The author presents library science concepts and the authors of important publications contributing to the development of the discipline, practical librarian tasks and the academic training of librarians. In addition, she analyses librarianship achievements with regard to the characteristic, statutory tasks and functions of libraries, as well as to typology, showing their significance to librarianship practice in Poland and to the quality of the academic training of librarians. There is also a brief description of the profile of the librarianship curriculum at the leading university-level institutions educating librarians.


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