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Tom 62 (2018)

Valentin Mantskovit — A Polish-born printer in sixteenth-century Hungary

Marta Špániová
Lucia Lichnerová
Zuzana Nemcová

Strony: 5 - 17



Valentin Mantskovit was a Polish-born itinerant Protestant printer who worked in Hungary in the sixteenth century. The present study points to the interconnection of cultural activities in the history of book culture between Poland and Slovakia in the sixteenth century. The authors analyse and summarise the typographical works of Valentin Mantskovit and point to the social circumstances leading to the relocations of his press within the Kingdom of Hungary. They present the characteristics of the products of his press, focusing in particular on calendars, including the Cracow calendar that he printed. They correct the previously imprecise chronology of his printing activities in the territory of present-day Slovakia with reference to preserved archival sources.