Bojarzyna Morozowa jako córka duchowa protopopa Awwakuma

Anna Zalewska
Google Scholar Anna Zalewska


The aim of this paper is to analyse both the private and public spiritual life of Feodosia Moroz-ova in the context of her relationship with her spiritual father, Avvakum Petrov. As a research material were used, in particular, autobiography of the archpriest and his correspondence with Boyarina. The famous aristocrat and widow of Gleb Morozov decided to give up all her material assets to fully dedicate her life to God, old beliefs and people in need of help. Morozova tried to do everything to follow the teachings of Christ and she considered her loyalty to old beliefs as her obligation to carry out the will of God — she even disowned her only son Ivan. Boyarina received strong support from her contemporaries, as the majority of the population recognized her as its defender and a symbol of rebellion against the Czar’s power. Nevertheless, ethical judgment of Morozova’s life choices is possible only in the context of morality as well as the socio-political situation prevailing in her era.

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