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Tom 176 (2022)

Подвійність подорожувань у художніх репортажах О. Гавроша „Стрий і старий” та В. Шабловського, І. Мейзи „Наша маленька ПНР”

  • Mariia Lenok
1 września 2022


The paper studies modern Ukrainian artistic reportage which synthesises the features of a travel essay and a report. The research provides a basis for drawing conclusions about genre dominants scattering in modern Ukrainian literature well-established features and modern Polish fiction story. The article aims to trace the development of artistic reportage in Ukrainian and Polish prose. The author has analysed a two-dimensional view of historic events and people’s lives in the works Stryi and the Old by Olexandr Gavrosh and Our Little Polish People’s Republic by Witold Szabłowski and Izabela Meyza. Comparative and biographical methods were used in the article. The significant combined components of both genres (a travel essay and a report) have been traced. The works include the subjectivity of the narrative, the appeal to real history, the abundance of evidence, the concision of descriptions, and emotionality. The narration in the reportages develops in parallel, focusing on the places, memory of things as well as on the reconstruction of real people’s life stories.