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Tom 176 (2022)

„Лексикографка” чи „лексикографиня”? Українсько-польські паралелі жіночого словотворення

  • Olena Synchak
1 września 2022


This article reveals the similar and different word-formative types of feminine personal nouns in the Ukrainian and Polish languages, which were selected from the modern dictionaries and compared. Using lexicographic sources, corpora and statistics, the author tests the hypothesis of Polish influences on the word formation of Ukrainian feminine terms. As a result of the study, a possible Polish influence was found on the word-formative type of feminitives with -(Ч)ИН(Я), which testifies to the convergence of Ukrainian with West Slavic languages. At the same time, original Ukrainian feminine personal nouns are created mainly with the help of the formants -ИЦ(Я) and -ИН(Я), and these suffixes are added without alternation of consonants, which is more typical for newly coined Polish feminine terms.