Tom 175 (2022)

Srovnání vybraných typů jazykových prostředků v překladech ideonym

Strony: 37-50



The text focuses on selected types of intensifying adjectives used in the titles of foreign films in the Czech-, Slovak- and Polish-language environment. It compares approaches of the translators, which consist either in translations of foreign-language intensifiers, or in addition of target-language intensifiers to the original neutral titles. The author monitors semantic changes of titles that occur in the process of translation, and the new expressive features that the titles acquire with intensifiers. In this sense, the text focuses on positive and negative connotations and in the case of some emotional means it distinguishes their shades of meaning. One of the partial goals is also to compare generally the approach of Czech, Slovak and Polish film distribution to the use or substitution of intensifying language means in foreign film titles.

Zasady cytowania

Svobodová, D. (2022). Srovnání vybraných typů jazykových prostředků v překladech ideonym. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 175, 37–50.