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Tom 175 (2022)

Zapożyczenia z języka angielskiego w polskich i chorwackich nazwach spodni

  • Sybilla Daković
6 września 2022


The changes taking place in the fashion industry related to the overproduction of clothing, consumerism and globalisation result in the introduction of new clothing models on the market, and thus the creation of new names for individual styles. English is currently the lingua franca in the fashion world, which means that the number of loanwords from this language in other languages is increasing. The aim of this work is to record, categorise and compare English loanwords used as the names of trousers appearing in Polish and Croatian versions of clothing online stores. The analysis consists of indicating the English name of the model, checking the presence of individual lexemes in the dictionaries of the given language and determining the types of borrowing adaptations. The article ends with comparative conclusions.