Tom 175 (2022)

Сексизм і фемінізм у мовносоціумному просторі: граматичні виклики

Strony: 87-97



The aim is to establish the main factors of reducing sexism in the Ukrainian-speaking space with the establishment of the functional and cultural-aesthetic load of feminatives in various discourses. The main methods are descriptive, discursive analysis, and the correlation method. Consideration of the use of noun forms of gender — names of female persons by profession, social status showed a reduction of sexism, a decrease in the main features of discrimination based on gender. The influence of andrological stereotypes on the consistent implementation of feminatives is clarified, the thesis about the mandatory “femininity” of noun forms is corrected, and the load of feminism in the general process of destroying the person’s gender reflection in the noun-morphological form is traced. The directions of the ideological binarity extension in the Ukrainian language with the final arity thesis are identified, and the factors limiting the maximalisation (linguo-social traditions, values, priorities, etc.) of the creation of feminine noun forms for the designation of persons according to profession, social status and title are determined.

Zasady cytowania

Zahnitko, A. (2022). Сексизм і фемінізм у мовносоціумному просторі: граматичні виклики. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 175, 87–97.